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Innovator Solutions is helping companies change the way they achieve success with PLM technology. This overview will help you learn about our unique approach to PLM and our Product Profitability Integration using Aras Innovator. PLM software coupled with ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) Integration offers leading companies solutions that integrate data from diverse sources and provide both centralized date repositories with change management, and version and authorization controls and applications that automate and manage processes that reach beyond engineering. The solutions are ideal for ensuring communication, collaboration, and control across dispersed teams and can help capture knowledge and learning’s that enable process improvement. Innovator Solutions is helping companies change the way they achieve success with PLM technology.

At the same time, companies are facing substantial challenges in developing products to meet these goals in the complex, fast-changing, and often global marketplace where there products are rapidly commoditized; customers demand complex, high-quality products; and global competition exerts cost pressure. In this environment, product development and lifecycle processes frequently span multiple departments and information systems within an organization and often extend to external design, manufacturing, and supply partners – making it difficult to get visibility into what’s happening to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of processes. BI solutions offer the ability to gain control over complex, multi-departmental processes.

Key Questions for Your Company

We would like to work with your enterprise and suggest that every company’s future sustained profitability depends in part on answers to the following questions:

Is improving profitability a project, or a business process? 

Projects are great for harvesting low-hanging fruit. But profitability management is both holistic and ongoing. Thus, to address the complex challenges between you and the higher-hanging fruit, you need to commit to an ongoing process. Like the fox seeking the grapes, you must ignore the temptation to invent self-serving justifications, and instead get together with your colleagues on a comprehensive plan of attack that builds stable scaffolding from which to harvest.

Do you have usable information? 

Analytics drive good decision making, but good analytics have two prerequisites.

First, does everyone in your company agree on the data?
And second, does your data exist on a level granular enough to provide visibility on performance at the SKU, customer and transaction levels?

This visibility is required to achieve understanding of where to invest in profitability improvements.

Are your functions aligned? 

And the follow-up questions: Do your different departments think about your business in the same way? Have you fine-tuned your product and customer portfolios to maximize margins and strategic value? :

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