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The future of Enterprise Software is here.

The Aras Enterprise Application Framework is an advanced, model-based service oriented architecture (SOA) built entirely on open web standards and proven, industry-standard technology. With its unique combination of technologies, the Aras framework drives the creation of highly scalable, flexible and supportable applications that deploy quickly and adapt easily to evolving business needs. Aras can be used as a development environment for a multitude of business applications, including product lifecycle management (PLM).

Aras Enterprise Application Framework:
  • Deploy quickly with real-time configuration and best practice templates
  • Adapt easily with drag and drop modeling instead of complex programming
  • Use effortlessly with browser-based clients with Microsoft look & feel
  • Upgrade simply—Update core technology without impacting customizations
  • Integrate completely using Web services, open APIs and federation
  • Sleep soundly—built-in security from the ground up
Clients 90%
Solutions 85%
Application Framework 93%
Standard Platform 82%

Aras Meets CIO Needs

For 30 years, CIOs have dealt with technology that’s cost prohibitive to own and grow, too complicated to use, impossible to upgrade, and far too resource intensive to maintain.

Not anymore. No license fees means Aras is cost-effective to deploy and expand. Add as many users as you want, whenever you want, without buying more licenses. The SOA separates the business logic from underlying code so upgrades happen in a matter of days, not months, and our model-based approach enables you to meet the needs of enterprise users faster, with fewer IT resources. Web services and open standards make Aras born to integrate and we’re good to go—in the data center, in the cloud or in a hosted SaaS environment.

Aras Meets IT Requirements

Aras aligns perfectly with the requirements and plans of today’s modern IT organizations.

Our n-tier, service-oriented architecture is composed of web clients, application servers(s), database(s) and file vaulting servers(s), all based entirely on standard Internet protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, XML and SOAP.

Our application framework is implemented on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platform. And Aras technology has built in security from the ground up and a world-class professional services and support team to meet your unique design, development and infrastructure needs.

A perfect merger of technology and business processes, Innovator Solutions, LLC., offers both world-class knowledge services and support of business analytics to the global PLM market.