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PLM Product Profitability Integration (Dashboard)

 Extensions to PLM and enterprise PLM/ERP integration are designed to support enterprise profitability. Our services include cost management, pricing, and profitability analysis with views for product development, marketing/planning, supply chain sourcing, manufacturing/operations, as well as an executive dashboard for the C-suite and key business stakeholders.

Deliverables include custom configured PLM Product Profitability dashboards for finance, engineering/product development, marketing, operations/planning, supply chain, and executive business users.

ino_icon Case Studies

Case 1

For a global automotive manufacturer: Developed dashboard to enable product teams to better understand:

Pricing and sales penetration for OE and Non-OE accessories in various segments of the value chain, and dealer profit margin.

Data for dashboard was pulled and analyzed from standard industry reports, internal sales and revenue reports, and primary research.

Case 2

For a global CPG / Life Sciences Company: Developed a Brand Portfolio approach to positioning a line of medications.

The five client brands now use different messaging and targeting strategies against the different patient segments.

Mapped commonality between the truly uncontrolled and partially controlled patient groups allows client to market to both groups without violating FDA guidelines.

Case 3

For a CPG / Electronics:  Developed Product Entry Opportunities Analysis

The client wished to assess the Indian market for one of its products to develop a market entry strategy.

Objective was to identify and size the opportunities in the Indian bottled beverage market to facilitate the clients investment process and entry strategy in terms of product mix, pricing, promotions, and distribution.

Provided a detailed understanding of the various aspects of the market that enabled the client to better assess the strengths and weaknesses of their potential market entry strategies.

Case 4

For a Global Manufacturer: Activity Based Costing (ABC) Solutions

The client was seeking assurance on the profitability of its products/services offered with respect to pricing and cost of processing at various geographies around the globe.  Objective was to organize and condense large unstructured data from the clients business systems.  Goal was to gain precise understanding of the profitability, through study of cost and revenue drivers, for each product/service.

The project helped the client ascertain how changes in the product/service offering or the location at which the processing is carried out may help improve overall profitability.

Case 5

For a Manufacturer:  Cost benchmarking study for auto components

A leading industrial manufacturer with presence in key sectors as automotive, financial services, trade and logistics, information technology, and infrastructure development wished to understand whether it was purchasing components from various suppliers at the right price or overpaying.

Objective was to benchmark the OEM price of its own sample components against select competitor models.  The findings were validated through primary research with distributors, dealers, and analysts.

  • Is the client purchasing components at the right price or over paying?
  • Are price agreements competitively arranged  to leverage the maximum value of resources?
  • Should some of the components currently being manufactured in-house be sourced from suppliers, or vice-versa?