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Welcome, we are Innovator Solutions, we would like to introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about PLM.

At Innovator Solutions, we are helping companies change the way they achieve success. This overview will help you learn about our unique approach to PLM and our software integration of PLM Aras Innovator and PLM Product Profitability. Together these products offer advanced enterprise solutions and business intelligence.


(PLM)  – Product Lifecycle Mamgament

We’ll answer the obvious question first: WHY ARAS?

Because Aras is the most modern and advanced PLM software solution suite on the planet

  • It’s got all the PLM solution functionality you could ever deploy & more
  • We’re the only PLM software company with an enterprise open source business model
  • We’ve eliminated PLM software license costs… forever
  • We include upgrades and upgrade services in our subscription packages
  • Thousands of companies around the world just like yours are already using it…

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(PP) – Product Profitability Integration

Provides critical inputs in formulating business strategy

  • PP Integration helps to classify different products in a companies portfolio based on their lifecycle stage and profitability and thus give an indication on which products need to be discontinued or products with high potential that can be ramped up 
  • Various types of analysis can be drawn from the PP Integration by product, by customer segments, by various strategic business units and in combination of two or more such parameters to derive/alter the targeting and positioning strategy.
  • The analytics can also be applied to post-sales and service operations, for example, to spot trends in part and asset performance in order to reduce warranty costs or improve predictive maintenance, and KPIs can be used to gauge adherence to service level agreements (SLAs)

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